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Founders Statement 

“‘For you know, kids will grow in Stages’...When I first wrote that lyric to out stages song, it was the belief that a s children grow and evolve, they are so impacted by their exposure to the elements around them.  We wanted to create an environment that exposes kids to the excitement of stepping into the shoes of another person, in another time and place... the now that comes from singing out and the camaraderie felt in joining friends in harmony... the freedom that is felt when dancing and the confidence that come from being in step with others.  

We created a positive place to bring our passion for musical theatre to a new generation who are just discovering it.  I am thrilled that Stages continues to teach, inspire and create beautiful lasting friendships and wonderful memories.”

-Debi Lewis (Stages Cofounder)

Statement from Stages Founder copy: Inner_about
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